To register your team:

  1. Coach must create an account here:
  2. Wait for the account to be approved by organizers. Might take one day. You will receive an e-mail when account is active.
  3. Sign in and create your team! (Add all the team members, coaches and fans)
  4. When the team is valid (min 1 coach and 2 students) you can proceed to payment.
  5. You will be redirected to the shop where you can choose needed passes for team members, fans and visitors.
  6. After checkout you will receive an invoice for wire transfer (this might take up to two days).
  7. After transaction, your team will be registered to FIRST LEGO League Estonian Open International by organizers.

We understand and know that your teams might have more members that have participated in the preparation of the project or robot game or are just enthusiastic supporters and would like to accompany team during entire event. You are allowed to register upto 20 fans for one team.

Fee for one team member (students, coach, fan) is 170 EUR. For example, if you have 7 students and 2 coaches and 2 fans in your team, registration for that team is: (7+2+2) x 170 = 1 870 EUR.

Fans have equal rights with team members and they can also access all the judging sessions with their teams!

NB! Team fans that are under 5 years old do not need a separate pass!

Payments will be only done through wire transfer according to our issued invoice.

Fee for team member and fan includes:

  • transport on 4th and 5th of June from airport to our partner hotels (DATES CHANGED)
  • transport between our partner hotels and venue
  • food and snack during all event days
    • 06.06.2018 – morning energy snack pack, warm lunch, dinner
    • 07.06.2018 – morning energy snack pack, warm lunch, dinner
    • 08.06.2018 – morning energy snack pack, warm lunch, cake after Awards ceremony
  • welcome party with food on 6-th of June
  • friendship party with food on 7-th of June
  • awards ceremony
  • water bottle + small gift for each team member

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