Tournament Guide


Every team has a booth with dimensions 1m x 3m x 1 m (with wall height of 2,5 m) and expansion room for 1m in front of the booth. Organisers will provide a special tape to hang stuff of the walls.

Core values poster

The Core Values Poster serves to help the Core Values Judges to better understand your team and get to know you better. The topics highlighted on the poster should be the most challenging for judges to explore during judging sessions.  The poster is intended to help your team consider in advance how to present its strengths best, so that the judges can consider all teams equally and have the most information possible to provide meaningful feedback. Feel free to use creativity and originality!

Important rules and guidelines:

  • Time investment: although the teams decide how much time they spend on their poster, it is recommended that designing the poster from scratch should take around 2-3 hours. Preparing the poster should by no means be as substantial as the team Project. Remember, Judges are most interested in your team story, not fancy graphics.
  • Overall layout: the layout of the poster should follow the design below. We would appreciate if the size of the poster would not exceed the measurements given on the model, however, the poster can definitely be smaller. The poster can be rolled up or folded if necessary.
  • Defined areas: The poster has five areas. These are the most important parts of the poster and should be most focused on when preparing the poster.
  1. In the “Discovery” area of the poster, provide examples from the season about things your team discovered that were not focused on gaining an advantage in the competition or winning an award. Tell the judges how you balanced all three parts of FIRST® LEGO® League (Core Values, Project and Robot Game) especially if you really wanted to focus on only one sometimes!
  2. In the “Integration” area, provide specific examples of how your team applied Core Values and other things you learned through FIRST® LEGO® League to situations outside of FIRST® LEGO® Let the judges know how you integrated new ideas, skills and abilities into your everyday life.
  3. In the “Inclusion” area, describe how your team listened to and considered ideas from everyone and made each team member feel like a valued part of the team. Share with judges how you worked together and accomplished more than you could have by working alone.
  4. In the “Coopertition” area, describe how your team honors the spirit of friendly competition. Include on your poster information about how your team provided assistance to and/or received assistance from other teams. Share with the judges how your team members help each other and other teams.

Middle area: The middle area of the poster is left for teams to share other ideas related to Core Values. Information about team spirit, respect and teamwork can be included here. You could also give examples of how your team has fun or shares with others how amazing science, technology and math can be.

Judging rooms for core values and project