RePLAY challenge updates

RePLAY Challenge Updates

Updated 20 November 2020

U08 – ROW MACHINE – If the free wheel has collected a lot of dust there is a significant reduction in the friction when it sits on the mat. This can cause the free wheel to slide back towards the row machine after it has been placed in a scoring position. Cleaning the free wheel with a damp cloth or wet wipe can help to solve this issue. Mission points due to model malfunction should be in favor of the team (R25 – Benefit of the Doubt).

U07 – R01-Equipment Bullet 5 Update – LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor is allowed in FIRST LEGO League Challenge. To include the use of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor, the new wording for R01 – Equipment, bullet 5 is:
1. Electric LEGO equipment is allowed only as described and shown here (LEGO
Education SPIKE™ Prime and MINDSTORMS® EV3 shown, but MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor and equivalent NXT and RCX are also allowed).

19 October 2020

U06 – BOCCIA CLARIFICATION – For M08 – Boccia, you are not required to use the Boccia Aim model to deliver individual cubes into your Frame or Target that you have in your possession. You are still required to load one yellow cube on the Boccia Aim model at the start of the match per the Field Setup and solutions must still be autonomous.

U05 – HOPSCOTCH SPACES – The “spaces” mentioned in M04 – Bench refer to the areas on the mat captured by the black bench frame when the bench is down flat. This is not the artwork on the mat. There is a total of 4 spaces. You can earn a max of 10 points per space (not per cube in that space).

4 August 2020

U04 – DANCE SCORING – M07 scoring for a robot dancing at the end of the match looks like this:
But actual competition scoring is quite difficult for several reasons, so above-normal benefit of the doubt shall be applied as follows: Any dancing robot scores M07 unless the referee can say: “I am convinced for sure that the robot’s controller was not overlapping any bit of blue chalk line as the match ended.”

U03 – PRECISION TOKEN PLACEMENT – If you compete in a match with no referee present, please set your precision tokens in their white triangle anyway. This way all teams start with identical setups, and your robot doesn’t get used to open space there.

U02 – BASKETBALL MODEL LABEL CORRECTION – In the whole-field picture on
Page 7 of the Robot Game Rulebook, the basketball model is labeled “M04,” but should have been labeled “M05.”

U01 – MISSION M08 SHARING ADJUSTMENT – If exactly one cube is sent north over the wall from your boccia share model but you are the only team in the match, you automatically get the 25 share-related points. In this case: You did send a cube away and you did get share credit, but you did not get an imaginary cube that can be used or counted anywhere.